Frequently Asked Questions

Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry recipes are of a high standard, and are specially formulated to meet the needs for dogs: Skin, Coat, Oral Care, Digestion, and Immunity.

Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry product line includes different product options; each specially designed to meet the nutritional requirements for dogs and cats of different breeds, sizes and life stage, for overall health and well-being.

My cat is diabetic, what diet would you advise?

The Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry range does not stock any veterinary diets, but all the Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry Naturals Cat range are high quality and balanced, with a high protein and low carbohydrate inclusion, so should be suitable for a diabetic cat if fed correctly and consistently. For specialist diabetic diets please consult a veterinarian.

My dog is diabetic, what diet would you advise?

The Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry range does not stock any veterinary diets, but all the Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry complete diets are high quality and balanced, so could be suitable for a diabetic dog if fed correctly alongside insulin. For specialist diabetic diets please consult a veterinarian.

Why should I choose a natural for my dog?

Inspired by nature, our wholesome, tasty recipes will keep your dog full of energy and loving life for years to come Feel good about giving your pet nature’s best, they’ll enjoy:

  • Feeling fuelled and energised
  • A gorgeous, glossy coat
  • Healthy, nourished skin
  • Support for the immune system
  • Settled tummies and firmer poops
  • Being at their best by being a healthy weight

Although Daniels Tasty Petfoods does not formulate any veterinary diets or diets specific to any particular health issue, from the Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry range, the products that we advise would be most suitable would be the fish or poultry based diets, such as the Naturals range White Fish and Rice and Turkey and Rice.

Which diet is most suitable for fussy eaters? (Cat)

There are many things that can cause a cat not to eat, including mouth pain, illness, stress, etc. If your cat shows any other symptoms of ill health or there is no improvement veterinary advice should be sought. Cats can be put off eating by smells, including stale food, plastic, etc. Ensure the bowl is washed between meals and that there is no detergent residue in the bowl. Plastic bowls can also give the food a plastic-y smell so changing to china, or metal bowl or storing the food in a non- plastic container could help.

By exposing your cat regularly to different flavours rather than giving it only one food can reduce fussy eating. Mixing foods is also an option. All the diets in the Daniels Tasty Petfoods range are produced to be highly palatable so should be suitable for even fussy eaters, but the Naturals range, especially Naturals Cat Duck (CDN) has proven to be very palatable.

What’s the best food for my kitten?

Daniels Tasty Petfoods products that are suitable for kittens include Super Premium Kitten (PKG), Grain Free Freshly Prepared Chicken for Kittens (GFW), Naturals Fish & Rice Adult Cat (CFN), and Naturals Turkey & Rice Adult Cat (CPN). As the Naturals Fish and Turkey recipes fulfill the requirements of a kitten as well as being suitable for adult cats.

The Super Premium Kitten and Grain Free Kitten recipes are formulated for kittens and contain several protein and carbohydrate sources, which can help to prevent ingredient sensitivities in later life. The Grain Free Kitten recipe contains 75% chicken and salmon, 35% freshly prepared ingredients and added omega 3. The Naturals ranges are hypoallergenic and contain rice as a carbohydrate

Which diet is most suitable for fussy eaters? (Dogs)

From the Daniels Tasty Petfoods range all of the recipes have been formulated to be highly palatable, but for fussy eaters, we would advise you to try (NGS) Super Premium Small Bite Salmon & Potato or (SAP) Super Premium Salmon & Potato, which have shown to be very tasty recipes!

What is the advantage of feeding puppies or kittens a pet food with multiple protein sources?

Puppy and kitten foods are often formulated with multiple protein sources to expose them to numerous ingredients and reduce the chance of dietary intolerances and sensitivities occurring in later life.

When should I start feeding puppy food, what stage should I move them onto an adult diet?

Puppies should be gradually weaned off their mother’s milk and onto a puppy food at around 9-12 weeks of age. The puppy diet is then suitable for your puppy for approximately one year – this time frame varies with the size of the dog and breed, as small breeds reach maturity more quickly (around 6-9 months) and large and giant breeds mature more slowly over around 2 years.
Daniels Tasty Petfoods Puppy diets have feeding guides associated with them, which show how the ration should be varied over time according to dog size and growth phase. If you have trouble understanding the puppy feeding guides there is a document to explain them.

The Daniels Tasty Petfoods puppy range includes Naturals Turkey & Rice Puppy (TRY), Super Premium Puppy (GPP), Super Premium Large Breed Puppy Salmon & Potato (LDP) and Grain Free Puppy Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrots & Peas (GFP).
For puppies prone to digestive upsets or dietary sensitivity we would advise to try the Naturals Turkey & Rice Puppy recipe, as it is hypoallergenic and formulated to be sensitive. Super Premium Puppy is ideal as it is highly palatable and energy dense to support growth and development. Super Premium Large Breed Puppy Salmon & Potato is suited to large and giant breeds and is also sensitive on digestion. This recipe is formulated to limit your dog to a healthy growth rate, which helps to prevent the problems associated with accelerated growth. We recommend Grain Free Puppy Chicken and Sweet Potato.

What diet would you recommended I feed to my pregnant/ lactating bitch/ queen?

During pregnancy and lactation your dog/cat has much higher maintenance requirements and needs a high quality, highly digestible, energy dense pet food to meet these added nutritional requirements. Although Daniels Tasty Petfoods does not produce any specific diet formulated for pregnancy and lactation, we would advise that the diets from our range, which are most suitable, would be puppy/ kitten diets – as these are energy dense, highly palatable and digestible. It is recommended that the bitch/ queen be gradually moved onto the puppy/ kitten diet approximately two weeks before breeding and this diet continued throughout pregnancy and lactation. This allows the bitch/ queen to become accustomed to the new diet prior to pregnancy and prevents the need to change the diet during pregnancy and lactation. The diet recommended for queens would be Super Premium Kitten as it has the correct levels of protein and fat required during pregnancy and lactation. As a second choice the Naturals range of Adult cat food (especially the turkey or fish recipes) could be recommended. For bitches the Naturals Puppy Turkey & Rice recipe or Super Premium Puppy would be most recommended.

My dog has been on the same diet for years. My concern is will switching his food upset his stomach?

It’s important to remember that your dog’s stomach is very sensitive. Some dogs can handle a diet switch without any problems. Other dogs are more sensitive and may experience temporary digestive problems, such as loose stools, until they become accustomed to the new food.
When switching to Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry recipes, we suggest gradually changing your dog’s food over the course of a week by mixing small amounts of the new food into his current food. Each day, add a little more of the new food into decreasing amounts of the current food.

My dog is underweight, how can I feed to encourage him/her to gain weight?

Many things can cause dogs to be underweight, including worms or underlying medical conditions – if your dog is showing any other symptoms of ill health or there is no improvement then they should be checked by out by a vet.
Some reasons for dogs to be underweight include them not eating their food, being fed low quality food, which is not easily digested, and dietary intolerances in the dog. Although the Daniels Tasty Petfoods range does not include any diets specifically formulated for medical conditions, we advise that the most suitable diets would include the Grain Free and Naturals ranges, as these are highly digestible and palatable diets, which contain no wheat, beef, dairy, or soya ingredients that more often cause dietary intolerance. From our super premium range products that could also be suitable include LDP, CDS, NGS, CRC, LRC, SAP, FAX.

My dog is overweight, how do I help her lose weight?

For dogs who carry extra weight, it is detrimental to their overall health and wellbeing, it can lead to an early onset of health issues such as arthritis, diabetes and heart complaints. Obesity can also shorten the lifespan of your pet of up to 25%. Therefore it is important to feed your dog accordingly to maintain them at a healthy weight throughout their whole life.
To promote weight loss we would advise that a Senior/ Light product is chosen from the Daniels Tasty Petfoods range (Grain Free Light Trout with Salmon, Sweet Potato & Asparagus (GFD), Naturals Turkey & Rice Senior/ Light (TSN), Super Premium Senior/ Light (SEN)). These diets are formulated to contain fewer calories to aid weight loss whilst still being a completely, nutritious and tasty food for your dog. To aid weight loss is it also important to cease the feeding of unhealthy snacks and treats, feeding raw carrots and apples can provide a healthy alternative. Walks and exercise should also be an important part of your dog’s daily routine and be built up gradually to allow fitness to increase.
We always advise that dogs are fed to maintain a healthy body, and that the quantity fed should be varied in order to maintain a healthy condition. After all “a happy dog is a healthy one!”

Should I protect my dog’s immune system?

A dog’s immune system works hard to combat daily exposure to disease, toxins, environmental stressors, and free radicals. Its importance in keeping a dog healthy cannot be underestimated. Therefore, it is imperative that everything should be done to keep a dog’s immune system as strong as possible.
This is why the Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry recipes have been formulated to meet the needs of your Dog.

My dog is hyperactive; could this be related to his/her diet?

It is usual for healthy and stimulated dogs to be energetic, alert and interested, although a dog that cannot calm down or relax could be hyperactive. This could be due to several reasons, among them is the diet fed. Dogs should be fed the correct diet for their stage in life, as these diets are specifically formulated to provide the correct nutrition required. If your adult dog is fed a diet for a puppy or working dog then they are likely to be getting too much protein and energy, possibly causing hyperactivity. The same scenario can be true for senior dogs on an adult diet.

Sugar can cause peaks in your dogs blood sugar which can cause hyperactive behaviour, although none of the Daniels Tasty Petfoods Super Premium, Naturals and Grain Free ranges contain added sugar, many treats and human food “tid-bits” do. Choose treats, which do not contain sugar and refrain from giving your dog unhealthy human food, this could reduce his hyperactive behaviour. Some sensitive dogs can also have the same peaking blood sugar reaction from carbohydrates like cereals and grains. In this case we would advise that a diet from our grain free range was fed.

Which diet would be most suitable for a dog with Itchy/ flaky/ irritated skin?

Although the Daniels Tasty Petfoods range does not include any diets specifically formulated for skin problems, we advise that the most suitable diet would be the Grain Free Salmon, Trout, Sweet Potato and Asparagus (GFI) diet. This is a grain free product – to remove any problems through any sensitivity to wheat or grains. It is also fish based, which provides Omega 3 oils that have anti-inflammatory properties which promotes healthy skin. Also recommended, would be the Super Premium Fish & Potato with Itch-Eeze – another grain free recipe with the advantages of a fish protein source. This recipe contains Itch-Eeze, which may help to alleviate common skin issues.
Dependent on the cause of itchiness SAP-Super Premium Salmon and Potato could also be recommended. This is not grain free but does have more limited grain and omega 3 benefits. The naturals range, again as it is formulated with a single protein source, and rice as a gentle carbohydrate source may be recommended for skin irritations.

What is the difference between Potato and Potato Protein?

Potato is the whole dried potato. Potato protein is the protein that has been concentrated from the whole potato to provide a concentrated protein source.
Which diet would be most suitable for a dog with sensitive digestion?
Many things can cause a dog to have digestive trouble, including sensitivities to ingredients in the diet. The most common ingredients to cause intolerances are wheat, beef, soya and dairy, so feeding a diet avoiding these ingredients would be recommended.
Although the Daniels Tasty Petfoods range does not include any veterinary diets, we advise that the grain free or naturals ranges would be the most suitable, dependent on other preferences.
The Grain Free Salmon, Trout, Sweet Potato and Asparagus (GFI) diet especially from the grain free range would be recommended, as this is a grain free product, which would remove any problems through any sensitivity to wheat or grains, and is fish based, which provides Omega 3 oils which have anti-inflammatory properties.
Super Premium Duck & Potato (DPT) is also recommended, as it is grain free, and formulated with a single protein source – Duck. Duck is also a novel protein source that dogs are less likely to have been exposed to in the past and they are therefore less likely to have intolerance to it.
The naturals ranges are all formulated with a single protein source and rice as the main carbohydrate source it is designed to be gentle on digestion.

Why is Beet Pulp used in the recipes?

Sugar Beet Pulp is included as a natural source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, which is important for maintaining normal intestinal transit time and mobility.

Why are Peas used in some of your recipes?

Peas are included as a highly digestible source of protein as well as great carbohydrates.

Why is asparagus added into some of your recipes (GFI, GFC, and GFE)?

Asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin B6, calcium, zinc and magnesium. As well as having high levels of beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, rutin, niacin, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, copper, potassium, selenium and manganese. It is also a very rich source of dietary fibre. Asparagus acts to counteract fatigue; it is also a diuretic, which means it can help to prevent kidney stones. It is also thought to exert anti-diabetic effects.

How long is Daniels Tasty Petfoods shelf life?

Daniels Tasty Petfoods dry recipes have a 12-month shelf life from the date of manufacture. After the “Best Before” date, we recommend that the product be disposed of because, the nutritional integrity of the product may be compromised.

Can I give my dog out dated food?

We would not recommend feeding your dog-expired food. As food intended for human consumption is produced with the best nutrition in mind, using the best ingredients, the value of this is only for a certain period of time and is the same for petfood products. All foods do have a shelf life end date. Only give your dog foods within their stated expiration date.

Can I feed my dog corn?

Corn is a wonderful source of protein and energy in a balanced diet. It provides essential amino acids and carbohydrates, which includes fibre for healthy digestion. It is a really good source of linoleic acid, which is key for healthy skin and a healthy coat. Corn is also rich in antioxidants, which is really important for a healthy immune system.

Can all breeds of Dogs eat Daniels Tasty Petfoods?

We believe so every dog deserves good nutrition. That’s why the Daniels Tasty Petfoods Recipes have been formulated for all breeds, sizes and stages of life. All dogs deserve to be happy and healthy and have food that is specifically formulated for their needs to supplement healthy Skin, Coat, Oral Care, digestion, and Immunity.