Best Dog Food For Puppies

Proper nutrition for your puppy ensures the correct development in your pet and helps him grow accordingly.

Puppies are irristable and you surely will get attached to them from the initial stages of their life. A puppy needs extra care and nutrition during the initial days so it is important to pick the right food for him. A puppy should be fed to get all the nutrients necessary for growth and, remain active. As owners, always encourage to eat well for healthy life from the beginning, by feeding your puppy well so that they develop fully. For that you need to find the best dog food for puppies. There are numerous options available in the market when it comes to food for puppies. These products have the nutritional values enlisted on them to help you choose the best for your puppy.

There are no specific regulations for dog food similar to human food regulations. The quality of the ingredients used in some foods are questionable as the manufacturers often do not disclose whether the source of the raw materials are of high quality or are below the standard mark. They may mention that they have not used any chemicals during the process of manufacturing but, the raw materials may already have chemical content in them which the buyer is unaware of.

The best dog food should contain eggs, fish and meat as their main ingredient. You should look for these in the list of ingredients before picking any food for your pet. To choose the best dog food for puppies you need to keep in mind certain things. You need to feed your pet according to its age as the food requirement of a puppy is quite different from that of an adult dog. A puppy, during the first few weeks, needs more fat but this should be reduced after it crosses the three month threshold, otherwise your pet may become overweight. If you find that your puppy has a liking for a particular food, you should not change it as this may trouble their sensitive stomachs. Feed your puppy with food that is nutritious as well as budget friendly. You also need to keep in mind that contrary to popular belief, you cannot feed your puppy with food that is meant for some other animal ie a cat!

You can consult a vet for advice on what can be fed to your puppy for its healthy development. Food for your puppy should not contain more than 25% of protein and should be free from any filler because these can harm your pet’s health. Vets suggest dry food for your puppy to help them develop jaw muscles and when puppy is teething, always give your puppy a bowl of water with his meal. Your primary concern, will be to love and look after the health of your puppy above everything else, as this will go a long way to giving him a the best start in life.

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